Learn How To Join Pinterest Group Boards


Even if you are either new to Pinterest, or an experienced Pinner who has not interacted with the Pinterest Contributor Boards before, you may want to learn how to join Pinterest group boards.

If you haven’t heard of them until now, i suggest that you read what are Pinterest’s’ group boards first – you can know how to spot them on the popular social media site, and learn some info about their benefits.

How can i join Pinterest contributor boards?

There are two ways to join a community board, the first one is to be invited to a one, and the second is to invite pinners who follow you to pin on a board which you have created. That will turn it into a group pinboard.

How to obtain an invitation to a Pinterest group board

Method 1 – Random invites. Some of the fellow pinners may actually send you an invite, if they like your pinning style and think that you may be worthy addition to their board. However, most of the time you will be invited to boards with few contributors and with lower amounts of followers as well.

Method 2 – Asking for invites. You can ask any of the people who have pinned onto that board to invite you, but this method even though it works, it doesn’t work all of the time. You can do this by commenting on their pins posted on the public board. However, be careful – the guys over at Pinterest are very strict about spam, and won’t let you post the same or identical comment more than 3 times in a row, per hour or so, making this method not so effective.

Method 3 – Boards who actually invite. There are some boards like this who encourage inviting. You can obtain quite a few invitations if you find boards like these. The downside here is that once these boards amass a large number of contributors, they stop bothering with sending invites.

Method 4 – Use a paid service like ours to get invited. There are a couple of services scattered throughout the internet that offer invites for Pinterest Community Boards. These are people like us, who spend their time on finding and joining these group boards. It is a very solid method if you want to save a lot of time because time is money. As an example, we are offering invitations to 200+++ VIP Pinterest group boards, which have more than 1.3+ followers in total. How about that for a very small fee? Not to mention that you can resell invitations to other pinners later ;)

How to invite fellow pinners to your boards:
Create your own Pinterest community board

You can invite anyone who is following you to contribute in your boards. To send an invitation to a pinner, go to the pinboard of your choice, click the edit button and type in their name in the text field. Click invite and you are done – the pinner who was invited will need to accept the invitation before he appears in the contributor list.


Be cautions when inviting other pinners to your boards. Here is why: 

  1. Remember that when you invite someone to pin onto your boards, you are giving them access to your very own followers. Only invite pinners who you deem worthy.
  2. If you don’t pay attention, your community board may quickly turn into a spam-fest. Be sure to regularly check on your own public boards, and see if there is someone who is either a) posting too much, or b) posting irrelevant stuff. Be sure to remove those people – in the long run they may do more damage than benefit. You may even lose some followers due to the above mentioned reasons.
  3. Pinterest’s shared boards rarely appear in Pinterest’s own search engine, which means the pins posted on your own public board won’t be seen in the Pinterest search results.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!