What Are Pinterest’s Group Boards?


In this post i will be outlining what are Pinterest’s Group Boards.

Pinterest’s group boards can go by different names, i’m pretty sure that you’ve spotted a few of them:

  • contributor boards,
  • shared boards,
  • community boards,
  • collaborative boards,
  • group boards (obviously)

… the list goes on. They are basically the same thing. They are just like the ordinary, normal Pinterest boards, the only exception being: multiple people can pin onto them.

How to spot Pinterest Group Boards?

The Pinterest community/group boards can be differentiated from the ordinary boards by the multiple people icon/graphic near their name. Check the screenshot below for reference:

What Are Pinterest Group Boards 1

And if you are already viewing a board, you can see whether it is a normal or contributor board by the number of board “owners” displayed. Any board which has more than one owner, is a group board. Check the screenshot below:


Main benefits of the Pinterest’s Group Boards:

  • Maximize Exposure
    If you are joining a group board, you are gaining access to all of the board’s followers. Whatever you pin there, it will appear on the home page of the followers.
  • Gaining followers
    You can gain more followers by engaging and interacting in the group boards. Commenting, liking and repining pins of fellow contributors will sure bring additional followers.

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You can learn how to join Pinterest group boards here.